Personal Narrative-Continuing Education

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I started school as a non-English speaker with non-English speaking parents where I was one of the few who was different. It was hard to communicate with other students and teachers because of the language barrier that was always present. As a kid, I remember being asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Of course, I had no idea what that meant, not until I was around seven years old, when I finally understood the basics of English. No one asked me this question ever, so I never thought about it. But that day my teacher explained to me that I have the choice of continuing my education and to become someone who could make a difference. She explained what college was and how expensive it is. I then realized that money was going to be…show more content…
They would buy me flashcards, a white board where I taught myself how to spell, add, and subtract, they even try to teach me the language they did not know. Seeing them struggle, yet stay persistent in helping me has been a motivation to me. They motivate me to keep trying and to ignore the people that say I can’t do it. I want my parents to know that I’m am extremely thankful for what they have done and what they continue to do. My dad, who is a single-father, has played a vital role in who I am. He has showed me that not everyone will be accepting of what I do and what plans I have, but no matter what, if it results in my happiness, then my plans must continue. Although my parents are divorced, both parents have impacted the way I see education, and I want to show my gratitude by graduating high school as an honor student and going to Arkansas Tech University.
I’ve now realized that I am blessed with the teachers and the schools that I have at my disposal, and the fact that I have the blessing to be born in a country that allows me to get an education where I’m not going to be told “no”. I have discovered a love for math and fictional writing, and slowly have been gaining more confidence in who I am and am now a part of the National Honor Society, participated in state French competition, where I have placed 1st and 3rd in different events, and am President of the Hispanic Heritage
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