Personal Narrative: Cornville, Arizona

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I was raised in Arizona in the city of Phoenix. My Father used to work in a very small town call Cornville, Arizona, the town was about a two-hour drive from Phoenix. He would come down every weekend; sometimes he would stay for just the weekend and others the whole week. It was very rare that we would go visit just because any breaks that we had from school that were longer than two days, we would go to my grandmother house in Sonora, Mexico. It was the Monday of the 1st day of spring break; my mother told us to get ready because after breakfast we were going to be leaving with my dad to spend spring break with him. My brother, sister and I wondered why because they always told us that there was nothing to do there. We finished up with…show more content…
It looked like the road that you see in a scary movie went you’re driving up to the house where all the bad stuff happened. After a 15-minute drive, there is a convenient store, then across from there another road you can turn into or you can keep going straight. My father stopped at the convenience store; the store looked like a very old store. The outside of the store made me feel like I was outside of a store back in the old west. It looked made out of wood, in the front there were two wooden poles that looked like you would use them to park your horse. We got off the car and followed my father inside the store, the merchandise looked old too; it was dusty, and you could tell that it had been there for a while. My father picked up a few things, and we got back in the car, and he drove down the street that was across form the store. This road was the opposite of the other with the exception that it only had room for two cars as well. This road did not look as creepy as the other, in fact it was beautiful, it had big tall green trees that shade the sun. There was a sign to DK ranch that said welcome to DK Ranch; you could see people horseback riding around a pound, cows eating the green grass and mountains in the background. He continued to drive between two mountains; we drove pass a house that seemed like…show more content…
As we pulled up I noticed it was way different from elementary school in Phoenix the school had no fences, and it seemed like anyone could walk in at any time. The parking lot was very small; it looked like it only fit about 30 cars. In front of the school, there was set of swings, a sandbox and a couple of classrooms; it looked more like a public park than a school behind that was the school office with a sing on top that said Oak Creek School. We walked in to the office. It was very small we got greeted by the school administrator. She was very friendly and seemed like she was expecting us. She offered to show us around the school. We walked out and walk to the left side of the office she showed us the football field; then, she showed us where the classrooms where she mainly focused on showing us the 4th and 6th grade classrooms. The 6th grade classroom I was show had lots of windows and a very beautiful view of trees it looked like a forest. I noticed that there were only 2 classrooms per grade the school was small. Towards the back were K to 3rd grade was also the multipurpose room. The multipurpose room was use as a gym and as a cafeteria as well; there was a stage in the very front and basketball hoops; there was a set of doors that would go into the kitchen and the cashier to pay for your lunch. Behind the school there was a river that
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