Personal Narrative-Country Concert Or Drunk Fest

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Country Concert or Drunk Fest
It was the summer of 2012 and I was going to go see Jason Aldean, featuring Thompson Square and Chris Youngs, at the state fair with Brooke, my best friend at the time. The concert was fantastic, although it did have its dreadful moments, such as the intoxicated people who were standing around us that weren’t paying attention to their surroundings. The concert wasn’t exactly how I expected it. I didn’t ever imagine being surrounded by drunk people for a few hours or having to watch were I walk so I didn’t step into vomit. Due to that, I learned that at some concerts have a lot of drinking going on; therefore, choose where you are going to stand wisely. We were let into the grandstand between six-thirty and seven o’clock. The grandstand is used for holding concerts, and horses and automobile races. We had tickets for the track, which is where
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The guy and his friends were linked in arms with one another, swaying back and forth to the music. It was obvious he wasn’t paying attention to around him. His cup tipped and poured the cold foamy liquid down my arm, my left side of my chest and back, which soaked the left side of my shirt.
“What the fuck!” I yelled while wiping my arm and shoulder off.
“Oh sorry,” slurred the guy, who went back to swaying with his friend. At the end of the concert the people who drank more than they should have, were all crowding around the port-a-potties waiting to use them; which gave the area a sickly smell.
“I am never going to a country concert again,” Brooke said as we walked out of the track.
Since that concert I have made sure that I stand away from the areas that are an easy access to the port-a-potties and the concession stands. I also try to stand away from people who are drinking alcohol. I have been to two other concerts and have managed to have nothing but a good

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