Personal Narrative: Country Music

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Music From what I have heard, philosophers have said that music tells time, it tells stories about generations, the cultures history, how the world has changed from then, or how the world was changing when the song or music was being made. Music has its own timeline when you think about it, it includes important parts about it, how its changed, or what made it change. In this century, there have been many likable genres, like in the early 1900’s Jazz was a very big part of the century, because from my 8th grade teacher, he said that jazz is Americas very own type of music. There is Country music which I kinda like, one of my favorite country songs is by tim Mcgraw, ‘live life like you were dying’. Country is very popular genre in music. Another…show more content…
There is hardly any birthday songs when I think about I, I only know of 2 songs. There are many wedding songs because the artist probably got married and was so happy that he or she wanted to write a song of their personal thoughts on what was probably a great memory. Songs about quinceneras usually say stuff about how their little girl has grown to a young woman and that the parents couldn’t be more proud of their child. Songs about funerals say how important the person was amazing and that they will be missed by many but hope they lived a happy life and that they wish for a peaceful rest, while family and friends will celebrate that the person is now in a better person and what an impact the person made in all of their family and friend’s life. I use my music most of the times when it is too noisy and I need to my homework, and to concentrate, I use it sometimes just to think about how my life is going , how things could be different, how it could be better, or could be worse. I use my music to realize what I can do. It reminds me that I am still human, what kind of human doesn’t like to listen to music, it just lets me now I am doing good for myself, and I need to male sure I still have myself in check in reality, and to keeping being me. I also listen to music when I am working out to keep
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