Personal Narrative: Cousin's Trampoline

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Cousin’s birthday trampoline fails

It was my cousin’s birthday. I was gathering candy from the piñata that all the kids and I just knocked down. They were as crazy as a group of bees looking for the creature that messed with their nest. My cousin Gracie called me over to the trampoline. So I quickly walked to the trampoline like a cheetah running for its prey. I had fun for a while. Then, it happened.
All of the kids left and me and Gracie were still on the trampoline. I said, “Gracie watch this!” I tried to do a flip but I fell off. I flew like a bird. I was so embarrassed that I covered it up with a laugh like a possum covering it being attacked with pretending to be dead. I laughed along with my family for a really long time.
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