Personal Narrative-Cow Stereotypes In Teenage Films

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AS A CHILD, I grew up remembering that school would be exactly how the movies told me it would be like, Matilda told me that principals were evil. Mean Girls told me that popular girls hated everyone and were complete sluts. When I started year 7, with over worn stereotypes branded into my memory, I was trained to believe that every high school had impromptu food fights and a dumb jock who only answers to "Buzz." Well, five food-fight-free years later, it hit me like a book of cliches in the face: teenage comedies got it wrong. With teen "dramas" I followed throughout my childhood.

Perhaps it's because I live in Australia, but all I know is that there no such things as bad boys and if you're a cheerleader it doesn't mean your a bitch.
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Be sure you better make sure you got a good night sleep. You want to have all the energy possible for the captains. Wear your hair in a neat fashion. It does not have to be fancy, just up off your face. Wear clothes that fit, over sized shirts make it hard to see motions. Make sure you are comfortable in what you wear, nothing is worse then watching someone tug at clothing in the middle of a cheer." Sophia yelled.

I took a step forward, " Besides cheering to the cheer you were meant to learn , you will have to show your jumps, a short dance , tumbling, flexibility, and stunts.

You don't have to be a certain weight, which is probably the best part of cheerleading since I fucking love food." I said, causing laughs to erupt through the gym. "The good news is that girls of all sizes are needed for various stunting positions, so no matter how big or small you are, you'll be an asset to the team. Your size will not hinder your ability to be a good cheerleader."

"This year judges will be me and Grace, head off to the change rooms get changed and get ready." Sophia clapped, her hands.
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