Personal Narrative: Cross-Country

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I heard about Cross Country. I felt like it requires the lot of work. I found my friend sitting with 2 other strangers, so I introduced myself to them. My friend's name is San. San was sitting right next to John and Jake. They they all were in the cross-country. San said that cross-country is a really fun sport and I should check it out. I told her running is not my thing, but, I will give a try.

The next day of school, I brought my running gear. Passing by the first period was a breeze because I was half awake. As time progresses, my classmates encouraged me to try out for a sport and have fun. They all said that it is better than staying home.

The next period is math. Once I reached class, everyone pulled out their phones and started employing them, during class. I had a slide phone and I had no ability of using it during class. Some of the students in math have a bad grade because they did not turn in their first assignment yet. I started out with an A+. Few other assignments were added recently, but my grade did not change at all.
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later I realized that the people were using their phones during class. WOW. The math teacher cared about everyone's grades. Many people got caught using their phones during class. Also, the class had a 20-minute lecture about why you have to stop using your phone and If you continue you won't graduate high school. The students encouraged themselves to make the teacher give lectures to waste time in class. By the end of the long lecture about graduating high school, the school bell rang. Leaving class, I knew today is going to be a long day. The next period is the Spanish class, that was a million miles away from my math class that is really boring. Memorizing how to say hi in Spanish was enough for one day. I had no choice but to learn Spanish
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