Personal Narrative: Cross Country

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For me, cross country isn’t just a sport to add to your extra curricular activities, nor is it an “easy” sport to join just because you want to be considered an athlete. Cross country is way more than that. It is a lifestyle. It is waking up every morning at 5 a.m., running countless miles until you can’t feel your legs anymore, having no days off, and having to sacrifice plans with your best friends because you have practices and races every weekend. I saw dedication every time I saw my sister grit her face with determination as she forced herself through the finish line. It was then I realized I wanted to do just that, so I committed myself to cross country.
Cross country in middle school was nothing compared to high school cross country. First of all, the teams were a lot
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It couldn’t be! I had torn my hamstring! This was my senior year and final meet; nothing, not even a tore hamstring would prevent me from the opportunity I have wanted since my freshman year. The gun went off to announce the start of the race and I just immediately took off. At that moment, there was no pain only motivation. I found myself in the middle of the pack; not in the lead, but not dead last either. I knew I could do better. I started passing runners one by one and then I had an epiphany– what more is there to lose? After all, cross country is all about pushing through your biggest pain. I decided I was going to use every ounce of my energy and being to this race. With every stride, I remembered every workout, every tear, every sacrifice and pushed through my pain. Finally, with the sunlight cutting through the clouds shining on the finish line, I gave it my all. I ran through finish line with painful tears in my eyes. “YOU MADE IT! YOU’RE HEADING TO REGIONALS!” my coach ran to me with arms wide open, and suddenly they became tears of
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