Personal Narrative: Crumpled Cookies

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Crumpled Cookies

Fall is here, that means baking season has arrived like a present delivered to your door.

Baking to me is like painting a picture. Mixing a group of colors together to create one big piece

of art. I love the final masterpiece that I get to enjoy with my family and friends. I like to

consider myself as a good baker. Not necessarily advanced, but good. Well, it wasn’t always

that way.

Since it was the weekend, and my family was out for a while at my brother’s baseball

game, I decided to bake. Have fun, make a little mess, and end up with a tasty treat. “Great

idea!” I thought. I hopped on the computer and typed in the search bar, “Good baking recipes”

and got a whole bunch of ideas. Chocolate chip cookies,
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At the

time, I didn’t have much experience in baking in the past, so I didn’t think any ingredients had to be put in any order. As I carelessly tossed in my ingredients, not following the directions on the

website, the preheated oven beeped to let me know that it’s ready for my snickerdoodles. As I

finished the dough, I realized that what I have in front of me looks quite different from what the

recipe is describing. I thought, “Who cares?” and mixed it a bit more with my hand-held electric

mixer. I decided to let the dough sit, and grease my cookie sheets to prepare for the oven. I set

my sheets aside once fully greased, and started rolling my dough balls in the cinnamon-sugar

mixture, placing them gently on the cookie sheets. I was excited about my snickerdoodles and

how tasty they would turn out to be so that I could share them with my friends and family. I

gently opened the oven and carefully placed my snickerdoodles inside. I was sure to set the

timer on the microwave to the correct time, to make sure that may snickerdoodles weren’t

undercooked or
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My fantasy seemed impossible after 6 minutes of baking.

The snickerdoodles expanded way too far on the sheet, they were almost touching each other. I

immediately knew that my cookies were no longer cinnamon sugar snickerdoodles like I had

hoped, so I took a break from staring at my cookies and decided to clean up the messy kitchen

that I had created.

Out of nowhere, timer beeped, and my “snickerdoodles” were ready. As I pulled them out, almost

the whole entire cookie sheet was covered with flat, almost burnt, snickerdoodles. There were

just a few spots of the cookie sheet that were visible. I just decided to wait for them to cool so I

could put them on a plate and figure out what to do with them.

I heard the garage door open, so I prepared my snickerdoodles on a plate so my mom

could figure out what happened. “Hi, Paige, we’re home!” Yelled my brother from the garage.

My family walked in the door, and I could tell by the expression on my mom’s face that she was

definitely surprised.

“Why do they look like this? I thought I followed the recipe,” I said very

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