Personal Narrative: Crystal Koquise Tyson

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Wow! Amazing to discover you’re Kevin wife. What’s the name of his other sibling ? Another half brother or sister from Elmer ? I’m just aware of Kevin.

My full name is Crystal Koquise Tyson, I more prefer to be called by my middle name. I was born on June 26, 1981. My parents decided to put Crystal as first part of name since Koquise is complex pronunciation. I’m the old child Elmer had with Sheila. My mother have son named Delano and my late sister Angela (she passed away in 2003). I’m the youngest out of them.

I reside in Concord, California along with my mother. Where do you and Kevin live ? I’m on mission connecting to any family present living. My access to this site is limited not on paid subscription to view all family documents.
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I receive my results discover my multi-cultural background, my mother results in process. I’ll send an email with a percentage chart. The DNA results don’t provide a break down on parental side. If Kevin done DNA ancestor test, I would love to know and can help compare it with my mother

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