Narrative Essay On The Happiest Day Of My Life

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It was the first good snow of the season, and my friends and I were up with the sun. Our cabin was now full of the smell of coffee brewing, bacon sizzling, and the fresh mountain air. I sat on the lazy boy recliner and checked the snow and weather reports, “all clear!” I shouted to my friends, Nate and Charles, who were just finishing up breakfast. We were all fulfilled with eagerness to get to the slopes. It felt like forever since the last snowboarding season. We all quickly cleaned up breakfast and started to locate all of our gear that was stuffed away in storage from last season. Nate, Charles and I all loaded our boards, boots, helmets and gloves into the back of my pick-up truck, and off we went to Cypress Mountain Ski Resort, in…show more content…
My friends and I kept making some sick jumps, we were having the time of our lives. It was about mid-day and we all breaked for lunch, by now the mountains were jam packed, and so was the cafeteria. “Well we just got $50 robbed from us” Nate said as we sat down at the only table we could find. And it was true they charge twenty dollars for a burger, fries and a drink. We went back out to the slopes, and started off with some longer black diamond run, for fun. The cold mountain wind, and the sound of the board hitting the snow, all felt so good. It wasn't too long till we all went back onto the terrain park, we all took turns showing of trick to each other, all trying to one up one another. We would all hit 360’s, spread eagles, and some classic’s. I was at the top of the run and Nate called up to me “hit a 540”. I knew I should warm up before, do some practices, but I wanted to show off be “the best”. Bad idea. Fueled up by excitement, confident, and a little nervousness. I started making my name down the run, I was of to a good start, I felt like I was going to land it until I hit a patch of ice. I was going to fast to stop myself, also i was too close to the jump. As my board took off from the ground, it was shaky and not
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