Personal Narrative: Cythhera

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I jump kick Periphas in the chest, punch Cimon in the jaw, and elbowed Atreus in the gut.
I then grab my bag and jog into another store. The shopkeeper says “Wow, Impressive, but you should get home before they come into the store. I thanked him and run out through the back door towards home. When I passed the shore I collected many shells and shell fish near/in the water. When I got home my to 2 year old sister Pallas greeted me at the door. Then my mother came out and said “while your father is hunting and your brother is taking herding the cattle can you go fishing Cythrea?” ‘Yes mother and here are some shellfish.” I said. When I gave my mother the shellfish I then went to the shed to grab fishing supplies near the cattle. I saw my brother and he asked “hey Cythera, can you grab that cloth I cut myself on a shearing
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We started to bicker then mother said “Stop , Cythrea get pallas ready for bed. Ictinos wash the dishes and take care of that cut of yours!”so I stood up grabbed pallas and stomped to her bedroom.Once pallas was in bed I walked to my and started sharpening knives and arrow tips before I fell asleep.Boom, Crash were the sounds I woke up to. when I tried to go back to sleep I heard screams and smelled smoke. I looked out the window. It was dark but lighting showed me Cimon and Periphaus beating my mother and father and Atreus setting my house on fire. I grabbed everything I could find and made to big packs and a small one then I grabbed pallas who was crying and grabbed rope to climb out of the window I could not find Ictinos before I climbed out.When I was half way down the rope I saw the my brother be taken away by the gang.When I got to floor my sister and I ran for the forest. We found camp on a cliff over the water. When pallas fell asleep I heard a rustle in the forest. I quickly grabbed my knife and a rock. When I got closer a old woman came out of a
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