Personal Narrative: Daddy J.

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Mommy A introduces Daddy J, he is usually at work during the week, but today he is home to help out Mommy A with the children and the crazy routine of the day. “J” is playing and jumping around excited that I am there. I ask how the day is going and “J” responds “Good” as he grabs toys to play with alongside his little brother. Baby M. is just smiling away as I greet her too. As “J” is playing I ask him, “How old are you?” He replies “FOUR.” I ask him, “Are you a boy or a girl?” He replies, “Boy” with a little shake of his body. He is acting silly now. Mom tells me Ms. M is coming to “play” with the children, Ms. M is an early intervention developmental therapist who makes sure the children are thriving.
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