Personal Narrative: Dan Gable

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I have 19 olympian pics one was Dan Gable,one was Bobby Douglas , and the other seventeen where all the American team of 2012 olympics.
Dan Gable was nice and he likes kids.His life record is 504 -3 so he is very good.At ISU he had a very good partner, and his name is Ceal Sanders then they both went on to win state.When I met him I felt so excited my hart was pounding my head ws thumping, but then I looked up at my brother and he was nervous and excited at the same time I was only a little nervous.When I looked up I saw Dan Gable he is 78 years old he looked like he new wrestling.He signed my shirt and my brothers book by Dan Gable then we left.eliat wrestling also hosted a wrestling camp before but I did not go becoause I had a soccer game
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