Personal Narrative: Danaka As A Role Model

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A role model is someone you are inspired by, someone you look up to. I believe role models come from the heart and they make you strive to be the best you can be. I look up to my older sister, Danaka, she used to treat me like she was my second mother. Danaka always cared for me and picked me up when I fell down. We used to laugh, play, and have fun together when we were kids. Danaka also has a child of her own now, and I strive to become the loving, caring mother that she is. I look up to my sister because she is caring to all around her, she treats everyone with kindness and respect, and she has a gigantic heart for the world. Danaka and I used to always play together. We would laugh, sing, jump around, and just have an amazing time, no matter what we did. Sometimes, I…show more content…
When I visit her and her family, I observe all the love she pours out into her children, and it is a beautiful thing. She treats her children just like she treated me when we were younger, and I cannot help but smile every time I see it happen. I look at the children's smiling faces as they dance around the hallways, filled with excitement and glee. I am inspired to become a mother just like Danaka is. I watch her fill up her children's mind with imagination and wonder. I watch Danaka inspire her kids the way I was inspired. I wish to become a mother like her, a mother that cares without a resistance, and loves unconditionally.

My sister loves the world around her, she has always wanted to make the world a better place. She has inspired me to help those in need, and love those who are broken. She taught me how to stand up for the weak, and how to become brave. She made me realize that everyone has a story to tell, and how a simple compliment can go a long way. Danaka has given me a piece of her heart, so I could open mine, and pass it on. My definition of a role model is my sister,
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