Personal Narrative: Daniel Wright Middle School

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All my 8th grade classmates and I sit on the cafeteria floor at Daniel Wright Middle School, giggling and staring at the gigantic screen. A slideshow plays. Often mortifying pictures of our younger selves appear with our names. I recollect all the vivid memories from middle school and earlier, like when my 5th grade teacher accidentally threw a snowball at one of my classmates. My friends and I sit together, hollering when we see each other on the screen. The end of our middle school days. At 4 p.m., I started to dress myself up for the 8th grade school dance. My sister came back from college that weekend to help me do my makeup, since this was the first official school dance I was attending. It was exciting to go to the party, but I was a…show more content…
At the entrance of the school, an enormous balloon arch welcomed us all in. Soon, the cafeteria floor of my school filled with students. Photo stations in the back for groups of friends. The DJ pumping up the crowd from an elevated stage in the middle of the cafeteria. A food station in the corner with donut holes, cookies, and water. Later in the night, all the students gathered up in the mosh pit. They stood in a circle together, close to the stage, dancing and howling like crazy monkeys. After fifteen minutes, everyone collapsed in exhaustion. The DJ brought us together and played one final song, “Roar” by Katy Perry, to end the night. We sang along and swayed to the music, boys and girls together. Parents lined up at the entrance around 10 o’clock, a late hour for us, waiting for their child. I found my mom in a sea of ladies, said goodbye to my friends, and left for home with more questions from Mom. Looking back at my first dance, I feel happy that I spent this time with my close friends.This was a great way to end my final year in middle school and start my first year in high school. I enjoyed the energy-filled dancing, the slideshow filled with memories, and spending time with friends, wrapping up 8th grade. Now, I feel more ready for high school dances such as Homecoming, Turnabout, and
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