Personal Narrative: Day Trip To Catalina Island

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“Memories of our lives, of our works, and of our deeds will continue in others,” eloquently spoken by Rosa Parks. I have grown and had a stellar time in 5th grade. I have gone to places I have never gone to before. I have done things I have never done before. Three of the most memorable moments I had in 5th grade was going to Catalina Island, going to the California Science Museum, and reading “Shoe Dog.” My first memory I am going to share with you is when we went to Catalina Island for a week. Sleeping in the cabins were one of the most fun parts of going to Catalina because we told each other jokes and talked about the day’s activities. Another awesome part about Catalina was what we called “Day Trip,” were we kayaked out to a secluded beach and spent the day there. The best thing we did before leaving Catalina was the “Big Swing.” Our classmates would pull us up into the air and then we would…show more content…
When I started reading Shoe Dog it represented me stepping into a new era of books, more mature, more real-world situations, and more real-world villains. No one-eyed pirate but a merciless bank, and a double-crossing shoe factory. “Shoe Dog” was an extremely deep and un-believable story of how a small brand just starting out called “The Blue-Ribbon Company,” evolved into the biggest shoe company in the world, Nike. It keeps you on the edge of your seat always and when you need to go your hands just will not close the book. “Shoe Dog” also taught me to persevere and that no matter how many big banks kick you out, no matter how many times your double-crossed, and no matter how many people think your idea is worthless, you must keep on going, like Phil Knight said,” Never stop running.” “Shoe Dog” was not only a book, it was a life changing experience that I think changed my fate and anyone else’s who will read the

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