Personal Narrative: Day Two Clinicals

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Day two clinicals. This day went so much smoother. I had the same two patient as the day before and one got discharged and I got a new patient. I feel like my second day I had an amazing relationship with my one patient. I got her to eat a little more that day because I knew what to talk to her about. When people are happier they tend to eat more than being depressed. She really enjoyed my company. Since she had a stage 4 pressure ulcer, they got an air mattress bed. We had to move her out of her old bed onto this new bed. In which I was worried about because she was bed bound. We had more than enough people to help me accomplish this. I had about seven people help with this process. I am very grateful for all the help I receive for this. I got to help you mess with the…show more content…
I help her eat some that day. I hung a piggy back for her that day as well. Later that night we change the dressing out on her pressure ulcer with the help of her RN nurse assigned to her. I have never seen that big of a pressure ulcer yet. It was so deep, you could see muscle and there was major tunneling going on. I feel so bad for this patient. As we were changing her dressing. I had the patient go to her happy place in which she talk to me about. She was on the beach with us (those whom were in the room) and we were all building sand castles with her. This was a nice non medicine therapeutic technique and she said she loved talking to me about her happy place. We did med her as well before we did this but it’s still has to hurt. At the end of the night she started to cry when I told her that I was leaving and I really hope she gets better soon. She told me I was so caring, nice, sweet and will make a good nurse. She didn’t want me to leave but understood I couldn’t stay forever. She’s the reason I love helping people, and knowing I made a difference in someone
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