Personal Narrative-Day XX Month: Return From France

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Day XX Month XX Year XXXX: I have just returned from Florence. I finally finished that mission...the precursor site shall never be tampered with, as well as the Piece of Eden. I 'm finally returning to Maria. I know she was worried about me, we can finally marry, and settle down. I 'm of course passing on my leadership onto the one that is best for this. Whomever I choose...may they be a better leader. "What is all of this..?" Gideon mumbled. Piece of Eden...Precursor Sites...this sounded like some kind of crazy kid 's story. Day XX Month XX Year XXXX: Maria and I are now married! John was my best man, and Mario was my groomsman. Maria had Kira as her maid of honor and that 's it. I have no idea if she had any other friends or…show more content…
Gideon dropped the journal and shook. "Oh my God..." He breathed. "Maria...Luca...Maria was my nursemaid...and Luca my father 's guard...then that would mean..." Gideon skipped past some more journal entries till he found one journal entry that had blank pages after it. "The final entry." Gideon breathed. Day XX Month XX Year XXXX: This shall be my final journal entry...I am to be hung for treason. John believes I killed Kira...Thieves came and I was overpowered and they killed her...I 'm sorry. Aria and Nico...I tried my best to raise you love, I 'm sorry I have to leave you and that you must face this world without me. I 'm sorry you have to witness my one has to see their own husband, or father 's death. I Luca Dominico...wish my family to live on...May God reunite us in Heaven... Gideon covered his mouth and hiccuped. "Oh my God...Aria...Aria is..." Gideon fell onto his knees and cried into his palms. The door opened and there stood Aria. Gideon looked up at her. Aria 's eyes were wide with shock, she examined him his eyes red and puffy, tear stained cheeks. "Are you-" Aria began and Gideon got up quickly and hugged Aria tightly. "You 're 're alive..." he cried in her shoulder and Aria finally

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