Narrative Essay On Deer Hunting

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Deer Hunting As my Dad and I pulled in the driveway around 11am, my Uncle Jack was about to go out hunting in the stand that everyone has been getting deer in. I couldn’t pass that up as he asked, “Would you like to go out with me?”
I wasn’t sure I wanted to go out since I already went out this morning and stayed up late last night. Before I knew it, my Dad was getting my gun ready and loaded. I then climbed in the Razor with thoughts going through my head like should I really go out with him and not dad later? All dad can thought about is me getting my first deer? He had never been so happy in his life that I was going hunting with him. How was he going to feel if he isn’t with me when I got one? But as we started moving I started to
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If you missed that’s all right. We’ll get it next time but let’s go look. So we got in the Razor and packed everything up fast and went to go look for it. It was getting dark and that’s when my eyes started playing tricks on me. I hurried out and was looking down this huge hill. I didn’t see anything! That’s when my Uncle Jack looked and said, “You got it!” as he pointed at it. A huge burst of excitement went through my body. “ I GOT IT? DID I REALLY?” I screamed the top of my lungs in shock. I hugged him looked and just was in shock. Then he called my daddy right away for he can help us. He was so happy for me I never seen him so happy for me in his life. All he wanted out of this entire trip was to get me a deer and I did just for him.
I think shooting the deer was the best feeling in my life. No one will feel it unless your a true hunter. What I realized about myself is that I’m strong and can do whatever I want if I put my mind to it. This experience of hunting with guys the whole time and one other female and getting a deer was so touching. I learned how to live with a mess. I learned how to gut a deer. I learned how to have
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