Personal Narrative: Defeating Their Reality

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Defeating Their Reality

As a young athlete, you think your going to become a professional athlete and never have to be trapped behind a desk. This has always been my thought, running through my mind every second of every day. My dream was and always will be to be a professional athlete. But something I had noticed already in my young athletic career is that you will always be doubted. This first really hit me hard during my 8th grade year. Our class was assigned to complete a job shadow to help figure out what we wanted to become in the future. When thinking to myself about this I knew exactly what I wanted to do for a living. The teacher for this class, Mr. Doug Sickles, asked each student to say what they wanted to be to him and the class. As it was my turn to speak, I said the only thing I wanted to do was play professional basketball. Mr. Sickles asked me if I was serious and I nodded. I remember the feeling I had when he told me that it wouldn’t happen and I needed to choose a realistic job. The different emotions I felt at that time were numerous.

That day offended me, but it helped shape who I have become. It has helped me open my eyes and has definitely inspired me. Whether they truly don’t believe in you, or they are just trying to protect you somehow, you have to always do
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He was involved in a freak basketball accident when he was in high school. At the time I remember seeing him laying on the floor, unable to move, being attended by a medical crew, my dad, and coaches. Not knowing what was going on, I thought I was going to lose my biggest role model and brother. When I look back at that day I realize how precious life is. How I need to do what I want and what I feel while I have the chance. Obviously I’m still young and a lot of things are open for me, but as long as I am doing what I want, with the people who appreciate me and love me, everything will be
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