Personal Narrative: Delwy Delwyn

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Birds chirping, the sun stretches over the horizon and spills it’s energy throughout the elite Phildelphia suburb of Delwyn. Many of Delwyn’s residents have already been up for hours if not perhaps at work since well before the suns great stretch. On one of it’s streets is a brick house, sitting on about an acre. Luxury cars begin to pull out of the neighboring driveways ushering their children to school. Another day in this busy small community.

To the outsider Delwyn seems like a idealistic bucolic place. For the most part it is, there are friendly residents with good intention, excellent schools and anything in town that you could ever need. The people were really neighborly and had hearts larger than life. However, it was what was inside of these people that was their worst enemy.
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It was the kind of place where if you asked a first grader what they wanted to be when they grew up they would give you this response. “ I want to be a defense lawyer who graduated Summa Caum Laude from an ivy league school.” Certainly a change of pace from what most Americans would consider normal first grader behavior. This is not necessarily a bad thing since ambition is good for children. However, the bad thing was how much some of these kids internalized their ambitions. They took everything to heart, every let down became a tragedy in their soul. The pressure did not come from their parents, teachers or peers but rather from
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