Personal Narrative: Denver Ethiopian Community Soccer Team

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I feel proud and excited when I got a chance to join Denver Ethiopian Community soccer team. Every week, we trained to improve our talent and fitness to become the best team in the tournaments. I felt like I was a favorite player from the rest of the team because of my talent, discipline and skills’. At the time it was easy for me to break through for the first team. On the other hand, I often felt out. Because our coach was picking his own friends at the game time, there is no chance for new players and the selection of the team players was corrupted. The coach listed the best eleven players for the game. Amazingly, my name was not on the team with the best eleven players list. I was shocked, furthermore I forced to sit on the bench .I felt like a margin for the rest of the team because he used his senior players to play the game even though, they did not have a talent, fitness and skills. They were always favorite players…show more content…
Sometimes I got a chance to play at the last monuments of the game. We had so many good times at that time. We learned from our mistakes and from our experiences. On the other hand, we had some problems .All the team members had one big dreams that was to play and to represent Denver Ethiopian community team. Every year in the North American, there is a big Ethiopian community sport festival .The organization invites all state sport representatives’ and supporter from all over American. It is a great celebrate party every year in the festivals. It also the palace we meet our old friends and family. I like the ideal because It the only place every Ethiopian people get together every year, in addition there is lots of fun, games, and friendships. I like these festivals because it looks like big villages of our country. We are the only one we have big community in the united state. We had festivals every year in different state because of love and the great united
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