Personal Narrative: Depression In High School

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As I walked past the front of the class and unfamiliar faces, I thought to myself , “Just need one more teacher signature with the help from the school aide and I will be out of this school.” A few moments later, a student yelled , “Oh hey! It’s that Asian kid with freckles!” The entire class bursted into laughter. As I turned towards the one who shouted, my eyes widened and my face turned bright red. The fat school bully stared back with a smirk on his face. I walked away hastily after the school aide got my teacher’s signature, the laughters forever haunting me and echoing through my ears. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Over 25 million Americans suffer from depression each year and over fifty percent of these Americans commit suicide.…show more content…
For example, when he was trying to order food at a fast food restaurant, he failed to realize that things have changed. “‘Mama Burgers,’ he said…. ‘Punch the button and place your order. All I do is carry the dumb trays’” (Pg. 145). This shows how Bowker was not familiar with modern day technology since, at first, he did not use an intercom for his order. Furthermore, when Bowker was talking to a fast food employee, he hesitated and did not continue the conversation. “‘Well’ he said , ‘how’d you like to hear about ---’ He stopped and shook his head. ‘Hear what, man?’ ‘Nothing’” (Pg. 146). Bowker hesitated when talking to the employee since he was nervous and did not know what to do in a conversation. Another example was when O’Brien mentioned Bowker’s life postwar. “He had worked briefly as an automotive parts salesman….. in his father’s car, mostly alone, or with a six-pack of beer, cruising” (Pg. 150). Bowker could not find a meaningful purpose in life since he was all over the place. None of the jobs he had taken lasted more than ten weeks. He also had nowhere to go and eventually resorted to drinking and drinking despite the dangers. All in all, Bowker did not know how to fit in or socialize after the
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