Personal Narrative: Desert Ridge

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Sadly, it was the end of summer and it was the year I was going into 7th grade for junior high! I spent a long time trying to find the perfect school. The junior high all of my friends were going to was Desert Ridge, which was a huge school with many long hallways that never end.It was very close and convenient to our house. My family and I also found a school called GCA. GCA was smaller than my elementary school, probably only one fourth the size. It was not as convenient for us since we live in Mesa and GCA is located in Gilbert. I knew I needed my friends to go through junior high and high school but GCA had higher honors classes that were not at Desert Ridge. I knew that this tough decision was all up to me. It was as hard as picking needles out of a hay bale. So I made it easier on myself by choosing the main pros and cons for each school.…show more content…
With GCA I knew I could get into an outstanding college with many challenging classes. With D-Ridge, I would probably still be able to get into college but I would be as smart as a potato and would continue on to become the manager of ……… McDonald’s!! Classy right! I would know how to cook fries and burgers so delicious, I would be #1 in the nation. As great as that life sounds, I would have a better career and opportunity with GCA. After many thoughts, I decided to choose GCA. So far I have been really enjoying it. To solve the friend problem, I found supportive, great friends with many similar interests. We enjoy books (that I love!), dance, and sadly we have lots of allergies! :( Even though D-Ridge might have more sports and bigger teams, GCA focuses on the important things like college, life lessons, education, the pillars of character, and the golden rule. That is why I choose
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