Personal Narrative: Dexter

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I walk into my room on the first day of summer, I look at my cork board and see a photo of Dexter. Dexter was my boyfriend until a fatal crash two years ago. And it was all Grayson 's fault. I know that sounds rude but it is true. But the worst part is about Dex being dead. I still see him in the hallways by his locker, in my room at night, where the crash happened in between Grayson 's and my house. Other places to but that is where he frequents. I haven 't talked to Grayson to see if he noticed any of Dex 's undead appearance. When ever I call him Dex doesn 't turn around and people look at me like I am crazy. I slam my backpack down on the desk breathing heavy this time two years ago he walked me home this time two years ago he took me on a date. I remember everything we did, I still claim I am dating him, because I haven 't got over him yet. My my guidance counselor said my…show more content…
"Oh that is perfect" I said putting it screen down on my night stand. I lay on my bed again thinking about the dream did it mean something, did Dex want me to help. And who is "Him" There are a lot of hims Dex was a popular person Captain of the football team. That is actually how we met, I was a cheerleader and I had to do a stunt with a football player and I got paired with Dexter. After that we started hanging out, that was are freshman year and know I am going to be a senior. The only him I could think about that was as upset as me was Grayson, everybody else was sad for a week then got over it. New captain of the football team, new everything he was completely erased from everyone 's memory except me and Grayson 's. I always wondered why Grayson hated me, I think it was because as me and Dexter started dating Grayson had to hang out with us. Dex would set him up with girls, and make him come to the malls with us, movies, out to eat anywhere. Grayson never thought about the girl only Dex the girl often went home crying because Grayson ignored her the whole time to chat

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