Personal Narrative: Do You Wear Interventions

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Do you wear contacts? Well, when I was a freshman in high school my mother finally let me get contacts as long as I promised to take care of them. I thought all this meant was that I would destroy them or lose them I had no idea what it meant to "take care" of contacts. To my surprise, there were tons of rules. The eye doctor said to make sure I did not wear them to bed and to make sure I cleaned them with an enzymatic cleaner at least every few days. As a teenager, I did not really know what the cleaner was or what it did and honestly, I didn 't think about it much as an adult either until I started reading this chapter. After reading the chapter I decided to do some research into the enzymatic cleaner I have been useing since I was 14 and what it does. I knew that the cleaner removed all the gross stuff that built up on my lenses over the week but I didn 't know how or why so this is what I found.…show more content…
This was surprising because I didn 't think that proteins would come from our eyeballs. Turns out that the retina in our eyes which is just a layer of cells that are photosensitive (they respond to light), the photoreceptor cells contain photopigments (light-sensitive molecules), these molecules are made up of the protein opsin. This is just one way that proteins get onto our contact lenses. THe proteins that come from the eye and create build up on our contact lenses have to be broken down or it can lead to other issues like a protein buildup in on the
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