Personal Narrative: Dog Peppers

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Have you ever owned a pet that has done something that you knew would get you or your pet in trouble. Something that you wish your pet would have stopped and thought about it before they did it, my dog pepper did, and It has become a memory that I won’t ever forget.
I’ve started playing fetch with Pepper outside on a sunny day. The beam of light hitting my face. The barking of my dog. Pepper was just heading back with the stick I just threw, when I could smell steak through the kitchen window. I continued to play fetch with the thought of steak with mashed potatoes when I heard my mother 's voice yell, “CJ, it’s time for supper.” I didn’t want to stop playing with Pepper, so I stayed outside. My mother grew impatient and finally walked outside to get me. Before she did, she just stared through the window watching me play. I could tell she was happy when she began to smile from ear to ear. She laughed whenever Pepper and I would play tug-a-war for the stick.
After about five minutes she walked away from the window and through the door. She walked over to me and said, “Cj, it’s time to eat.” Then she reached to grab the stick when Pepper went into his defensive stance. As soon as my mom’s hand grabbed the stick, Pepper lunged
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I fell to the ground and tears started to go down my face like a stream. My mom and dad came to comfort me as I was full of sadness. The next morning we buried Pepper and I covered him in his favorite blanket. My parents realized how down I was; therefor, they bought me another dog. It was a black puppy and I named him Blacky. My parents told me that our neighbors were selling them and when they heard about what happened to Pepper, they gave one to us for free. My parents were happy and so was I. Then my dad said to make sure that he does not get over protective. I promised him. Since that day I realized that you have to put down animals once in awhile, and if you get a dog make sure it won’t
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