Personal Narrative: Doing What I Feel Is Right

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Doing What I Feel is Right On my 2013-2014 deployment with VFA-32, I was busted down from a Second Class Petty Officer to a Third Class Petty Officer. Towards the end of cruise my shift and I were tired and worn out, but that was no excuse for what I did. I take full responsibility of what I did as well as the consequences for actions. I was the night check shift supervisor, and we had a 28-Day Inspection to do that night. It’s not hard work just tedious. The job consists of dropping the fuel tanks and cleaning the Bru-32 feet from which the drop tanks hang from. We also have to get the AD’s help to drop the tanks because it’s there equipment. They were swamped with maintenance, as well as my shop. The idea was proposed to just sign off…show more content…
I learned that you can’t take short cuts and to just get up and finish the job. At the end of the day I have to look out for me, this is my career and know ones else’s. The CO that busted me down was transferring soon after the mast, so I wanted to go and talk to him before he left. I apologize to him and let him know that I wasn’t trying to hurt anybody nor kill anyone. I just want to give my guys some time off. CDR Andrew said that he completely understood what I did and that my heart was in the right place just not my head. CDR Andrew also said that he knows how stressful the work and environment is for us on the flight deck and the fast pace of 12-on, 12- off schedule. In the end he mentioned that there no time for mistakes or shortcuts. I thank him for not kicking me out of the Navy, and for him giving me the chance to continue my career. He said “that it was never even a thought of kicking me out, and how he watched grow from an AOAN to the strong and positive AO2. Also that the Navy needed people like me that where hard workers and motivators and that’s why he wasn’t going to kick me
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