Personal Narrative-Donna's Cabin

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Donna, Jenny, and I found a campsite to forage from. We had just ran out of gas so we left the car behind and walked. We found 3 old, rusty trailers(This is sensory detail and coordinating adjective) and a shaded porch! We might’ve just found the strand of hope we needed! I used a burning hot rock to break through the old, dusty window to get in and hopefully find some food and water and shelter for all of us, which was hard to find out in the rocky valley. We found stale oatmeal, beer, cans of beans, and beef jerky so old that it had turned white instead of the natural color red. Donna was bouncing around since we found the cabins. We had searched the cabin again and found only 2 mattresses to use and we dragged them onto the porch where
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