Personal Narrative: Dr. Sieglinde Peterson

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Personal Sacrifices

From the moment I was born I was exposed to hospitals and the seemingly scholarly topic of medicine. Features such as bright lights down every hallway, floors so clean that I swore I could see my reflection, and people in white lab coats wandering about intrigued me. Thankfully, I almost never visit hospitals or clinics for more than just an annual physical, but when I need help understanding my body and why it decides to do what it does, it helps to know that I can turn to someone who is educated in that area: Dr. Sieglinde Peterson. Peterson specializes in Family Medicine and currently practices at Fairview Clinics in Chisago City, MN. If you are looking for a quality doctor she is an excellent choice! This woman is a wonderful example of what a professional in this field should be. Her display of professionalism, selfless character, and interest in her patients forms her into a well-rounded human being who has devoted their life to serving others.

When I first heard the knock on the door and saw my physician walk through the entryway of the room, I could not help but watch her gait. She appeared upright and confident, prepared to face me with a clear mind and a listening ear. With a handshake, I am hers. I put my full trust in her to understand my concerns and provide appropriate treatment
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Sometimes we think that having negative thoughts means that we are “crazy” or “mentally-ill,” but I myself have once heard my doctor say that most of the time that is completely normal, with some exceptions. Expression of body language is important when analyzing a medical case. It feels almost like a sixth sense, but for a reason unknown, I can tell when she is “on the same page” as I am. To realize that doctors are human too is empowering, in my opinion, because this gives us the opportunity to develop a relationship of trust and it reassures us that we are not
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