Personal Narrative: Drinking

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Life sucks...all of my friends don 't talk to me anymore. I might as well just kill myself. There 's no point in living if you don 't have friends. It 's not my fault! They are just selfish, idiotic and heinous. What am I wonder they 're not my friends anymore. I should have never done that, why did I do that?! What I did and said was very malevolent and bitter. I don 't even know why I 'm mad at my words and actions. I should be mad at what made me do it, drinking. I, the guy with amazing self-control and astounding morals, decided to drink. My friends were over at my house at the time. When I came back from the kitchen, they were in for a surprise. Drunk me... How did this make me lose all my friends? Well, drinking is a big
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