Personal Narrative: Driven Through Religion

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Driven Through Religion What drives you in life? That 's the question I asked Derek Rodgers. His answer was his religion. He is so devoted to his religion, and that makes him different from the rest. Religion to him isn’t about just praying and singing, it’s about making it fun for the people around him. This is Derek Rodgers I met Derek in the spring of my 6th grade year at Our lady of Good Counsel, a Catholic school in Vienna, Va. Derek is an all around type of guy, but he has something special about him. His religion is the main drive in his life, but his family, friends, and being successful are other factors of what drives him to do good for himself and for others. Derek works for the youth ministry at my church, and he is the best when it comes to teaching high schoolers about religion in a fun way. His favorite thing about youth ministry is watching the high schoolers put energy into their religious activities, and how they are creative in their religion. He also loves seeing the teens praying on their own. Religion is not the only thing that is a big part in his life, music is the other one. Derek has been playing guitar for a long time and he doesn’t just play in a band, he plays at our church. He focuses on music that lifts God 's name up high…show more content…
Derek uses religion in his daily life too. He plays a lot of video games and loves to use it when someone is cursing or being mean to another player. Derek prays around 4 to 30 times a day. Which is a lot. He prays in the car, before meals, and before he goes to bed. Derek works for my church, and he never thought he would work it. He was just looking for a job and it was the only one open. I asked him what religion he would be if he couldn 't be Catholic and he said “ I would rather be Atheist because I think that Catholicism is the highest and I rather not be the lower of the religions.” He also said that he was placed into this religion by his parents, and he would always stay in it for the rest of his
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