Personal Narrative: Driving Back To California Girls

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"Click, Click", said the door knob as my mom locked the door on our way out. My mom was so close to having our little brother, and we were all so excited. Me, my mom, papi, aunt, and uncle packed into my family 's maroon ford explorer, and we headed out to eat. If only we would have stayed off the road that day. After dinner, we all got back int he car and started driving back home. We started singing along to songs on the radio. It was a long drive home, and we all enjoyed the whole ride. Katy Perry 's newest song at the time, "California Girls" was playing on the radio, and my aunt was trying to teach me the words. We were all so happy that day. The iPhone 4 had just came out, and everyone was obsessed with it. We turned down a farmiliar road, and I automaticly knew we were almost home. I was four at the time, and excited to get home to my barbie dolls and teddy bears. We passed down in between taco…show more content…
I have heard my mom tell her perspective of the horrific incident a million times. "At first, I didn 't know what had happened. The seat belt was wrapped around the bottom of my belly. In the impact, the seatbelt pushed the baby up and I felt it too. At this moment, all I wasn 't worried about anything but my kids," my mom tells. My papi picked up the phone and called 911. He said with a shaky voice,"Hi, I have just been in a car accident, and I don 't know if my wife...she 's pregnant, and she... I don 't think she 's okay! Please help." Minutes later, ambulence sirens filled the air and carried my mom to the hospital. We all followed in another ambulence. We were all worried. At the hospital, my mom laid in her bed, so worried. About an hour later, my mom was pronounced okay, and about a month later, she had a healthy baby boy. That day I learned to always expect the unexpected. We definitely didn 't expect this. We were all having such a good day. The woman who hit us was on her brand new iPhone 4, and was arrested. I 'm just glad my mom was okay, and my
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