Personal Narrative: Driving Down To Illinois

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It was a warm, sunny day in late May. I was on one of the last bus rides I was ever going to take from my school to my house, with all of my friends. Laughing and joking around. My parents had gotten a new house about 45 minutes away and I was switching schools and starting new. Not only that but my dog had recently passed and my whole house was just gloomy and dark. As I walked through my front door I realised that it was one of the last times I was going to do it. There were boxing laying in the living room and hallways. I pushed past them and walked up to my room to started doing homework. Later that night I could hear my parents talking, my dad saying something about puppies and my mom telling him no. When we all came down for…show more content…
It was some of the only good news I had gotten in a long time, I was so happy I felt like crying.
The drive down to Illinois was the most exciting hour and a half of my life. My parents had picked my brother and I up early from school, we had picked up some snacks and were talking about puppy names. My brother and I were fighting about whether we should get a girl or a boy and my parents were fighting about getting all of them or just one. When we got there two older goldens greeted us at the door they reminded me so much of my old dog, I could not help but smile. A woman brought us around a corner and there they were. About 10 little, baby golden retriever puppies. Some of them were sleeping, some were walking around and one was trying so hard to get past his little fence to meet us. My brother picked him up and the puppy started licking his face all over. The woman then opened the
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Our house got a little happier and the move got a little easier. I personally felt more confidence to move because I had someone I loved coming with me. If my new school was horrible and I made no friends I would still have my puppies to come home to. Now they are both big and dumb. Zeus is afraid of everything and Sam likes to carry shoes around. They like to lay on my bed when they are wet and they steal my food a lot. I would not trade them for the world though. I am so happy we got them and they truly changed my life for the better in a dark

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