Personal Narrative: Driving While In High School

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On April 17,2015 when i had rolled out of bed with my nerves completely rattled. It was my seventeenth birthday. All i could come to think about was how quickly the time was approaching until what i felt, was the most vital test of of my life, my drivers test. Not only was this testing how well i could follow the rules of the road and my parallel parking skills, it was allowing me freedom and independence with greater responsibilities lying ahead. But i had succeed and i was excited for all driving adventured to come with my friends. I felt nothing but excitement. Driving was everything i hoped and anticipated it to be, Except for one exception. One day in June i had just gotten out of school and my little brother had called me to pick him up from the opposite side of the school building, but with an unbearable line traffic i choose to take a lap around town to get to the other side, living in a small town i thought this would take less time then waiting in the line with no patience. I was at a red light very close to the school when i had a green arrow i proceeded on driving straight until very suddenly a car had pulled out directly into the street inches in front of me, with very little time to even get my foot on the brake, i had smashed directly into the driver side of the other car. My air bag had deployed and my car was destroyed. When i had seen through the mirror that it had been to other girls in my grade, one that i had known since elementary school and another that I had seen many times…show more content…
I will never forget that experience but experiencing it also taught me that unexpected things in life will be thrown at you that you cannot control, so to always live life to the fullest because at any moment in time you’r life could be changed in a split
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