Personal Narrative: Dumping Trip

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CAMPING TRIP Have you ever been so scared because you almost lost your finger? Well I have. One day during summer almost every one from my dad’s side of my family came camping with us. Everyone brought something like snacks and all the other good stuff, but when my aunt came she made us eat vegetables so when she wasn 't looking I through those nasty things into the lake! But when we went down to the lake for a swim she was watching my little cousins but when she went to put down her stuff she saw pieces of carrots and broccoli. She called all of us big kids and asked “what are these doing down here” we all replied I don 't know. But my little cousin Nate snitched on me so I did what every kid would I told her I did not know what he was talking about. And of course nothing goes the way you want it to go when you lie to a strict adult so I had to eat two plates of vegetables luckily my dad switched his bowl of fruit for…show more content…
When we finally got back I told my dad what happened and all he had to say to me was “At least it did not come off.” “So nothing bad about it?” “That 's right, we live we learn.” It was only gushing out blood for a minute. The next morning when I woke up everybody was packing up when I asked my dad what was going on his answer was so intense it slapped my head around until I understood that he was leaving to New York for two weeks! I was in shock he had never done something like this before without bringing my sister and I. We packed up, and headed to the cars everybody gave me their candy, and snacks. I asked my aunt if she could let my cousin Gabe come along in the same car as me she answered “yes and I 'm sorry about your dad leaving to N.Y. So he brought his snacks and we talked about next Summer, and if we go somewhere more interesting. When we got home I had an idea we still had lots of snacks so we asked if gabe could stay the night she replied “yes but you have to come with me to get your luggage” “Okay Gabe

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