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Dear NSLI-Y faculty and possible host family members Hello, I am De’Le’Shonte’ Harden but I go by De’Le’. As you know I have applied for the 2016 summer scholarship to gain the opportunity to experience a foreign land, culture, and identity. With my prior knowledge of the land and it’s culture I still find it difficult to connect on a personal level, this may be in part that you do not know who I am on a personal level. So please allow me to introduce myself. I am a tall African-American teenager with an afro that I cherish whole heartedly. I have four siblings 3 brothers and one sister, I am the middle child. I am the President of the Chinese Club at my high school and used to be on the Dance Team as well. I have a passion for SFX makeup…show more content…
I had to read every book I could get my hands on. While my siblings would be outside playing I would be in my room reading. My book collection was greater than my mother’s and I was very proud. Surprisingly my passion for books have been suppressed with my passion for languages. Currently I have only learned Chinese but I hope to learn German, Portuguese, Russian, etc. I want to learn at least 12 languages before I’m 30. My friends would describe me as outgoing, ambitious, and a bit worrisome. I worry about everything but only to a healthy extent. If I didn’t worry about my role in society, college tuition, and most importantly my future, no one would but luckily for me I have my older brother there to vent my problems to. I want to travel the world, meet new people from different cultures, and cherish the moments that create happiness. I love nature and I believe that we should respect Mother Earth. For a long time I would apologize to the ground when I stepped on grass (I had read a book about earth being alive). If chosen for the NSLI-Y scholarship I know that I will be out of my comfort zone but I am completely prepared to face this challenge. I will embrace it like I have embraced everything all of my life, with a smile on my face and arms wide
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