Personal Narrative

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It is 4:00am in the morning, and life begins anew in my household. Clothes are being laid out and breakfast is being cooked. The sounds of the morning begin to take shape. The coffee maker eschews the splendid flavors of coffee which engulfs the small apartment. These early mornings are followed by late nights. The life of a cab driver in the city of Miami is filled with tumultuous up and downs that result in great emotional strain. I truly did not understand the struggle that my parents go through to make ends meet and it was only after I matured and I was truly aware of the situation did I see the beauty in the struggle and the valuable lessons my parents have subconsciously instilled in me since I was a child. Their dedication and work rate is as inspirational as ever as I begin to reflect of their profound influence in my life and my decision to pursue a career in medicine.…show more content…
I was lost not knowing where the stars were to guide me. It was time to flourish in a new environment but I was alone in a sense, having to explore the richness that college offers head on. I was undecided for a couple of semesters, owing to the fact that I still did not know what my goal in life was or what purpose there was for me to pursue anything really. I was aimlessly drifting, class after class disinterested in the curriculum and how unchallenging it all seemed to be. As I exposed more and more to the health professions through shadowing and volunteering I began to form thoughts on whether a career in medicine would best fit my qualities and at the same time influence my community. I had doubts at first like any person has: Could I handle the coursework? Am I afraid of potential failure? Ultimately, I decided to jump onto the chance and on I was, on a pursuit to become a physician, starting with small steps that eventually grew to where they are
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