Personal Narrative: Earthshine Camp Timberlake

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Does your school go on an overnight at the beginning of the year? Well, the Key School does. We went to the famous Earthshine Camp for the past couple of years and had so much fun. But this year we went to a place called Camp Timberlake for boys. We go to these camps so that we can enjoy finding out more about our classmates better. Of the two camps I enjoyed Earthshine the most because of its food and activities. Earthshine was amazing! We did so many things there. One of my favorite activities was and when we went up in the sky for zip lining! First, they showed us how to put on our gear. Then, once we had put on our gear, they walked us back to where the first zip line began. But the best part was when we went on the first zip line and were flying threw the air. Next, we got to go on a ropes course that was at least four…show more content…
We had an enormous amount of fun doing different activities that we did not expect. First, we went swimming in the lake. It was so much fun getting to dive off the diving board and swim with all my friends. I wish we could have stayed in the lake all day because it was my favorite part of the trip. Next we went canoeing down the French Broad River. Once we all got started canoeing down the French Broad, it was much easier than when we had started.But we all enjoyed watching Mr.Flamini at the beginning and,Mac,Michel, and Nick at the end tip the canoe. Finally, we got to eat dinner and go to our cabins. The dinner was fried chicken with mashed potatoes and carrots. The chicken was a little dry, but the potatoes and carrots were nice and tasty. After we ate, we hiked up to go to our cabins. I loved these cabins because it had two of everything in the bathroom. Plus, we had bunk beds that we put our sleeping bags on that were extremely nice and comfortable. Even though it isn't my favorite I enjoyed getting to go to Camp Timberlake, and hope that if you go you like
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