Personal Narrative: Eastern State Prison

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On one never-to-be-forgotten night in October of 2014, my family had a plan to go to one of the scariest, terrifying, and craziest haunted places in America, Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was nervous to go, but my parents convinced me to go. Before we left, my parents made me take the dog out, clean my room, and take the trash out, I was already in a bad mood before we even took off to go.

While on the way there, I asked my parents, “Do you think an eleven year old boy should be going here?” “It’s too late for you to be pleading to go back now.” My Mom replied. I was terrified, crawling up the walls trying to go back home. Seeing all the clowns, zombies, and killers near the penitentiary gave me fear I’ve never felt before. This fear was dreadful. It gave me jitters just seeing everything that was there, I was discomposed, uneased, and qualmed. Pulling up to the jail made me feel like there were ants in my pants. I was confused on why so many people were there, just to be scared out of their minds. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

We finally arrive, and I began jumping out of my
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I begin to get frightened as I turn the corner to a fogged out jail, seeing prisoners banging on the cells, and trying to touch us, but as I turn the next corner, a prisoner comes out of nowhere, and scares me out of my shoes. I fell straight to the ground in shock. My heart suddenly just dropped in fear. My parents began to start laughing hysterically because of my fear. Thankfully, I was able to make it out alive and well, but I was definitely shaken up. However, I think that scared everything out of me, as I got over my fear. As a result, my family and I visit the Eastern State Penitentiary every year, as a tradition. This one scary never-to-be-forgotten night in October, will not come out of my memory anytime

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