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Today something amazing happened. Nature opened my eyes, dusted the dirt off my pants, and kissed me on the cheek, all with one breath. The sensation was beyond beautiful. It was afternoon and the sun was just beginning to set. The clouds were there dancing in the blue sky, but they were faint. You could see them, but they did not overwhelm you. My boyfriend knew my love for water, and he decided to bring me to Eckie 's Pond. I was a bit hesitant at first because of all the water surrounding me. Being as adventurous as I am, I had to have a closer look at its beauty. I learned a few things from that pond today. There in the middle of the pond was a seating area, however in order to get to the seat, you had to walk a little strip of land that divided the beginning of the pond.…show more content…
At first glance, we feel as though our world is segregated, divided, complex, and different. Nevertheless, we fail to look at the bigger picture. After walking through the strip of land, the pond was actually joined together and the two sides collided into one big body of water at the heart of the lake. Our world is one big lake, we set our minds to one see the division in society but father out it all connects into one big , amazing realm. The reflection of the lake spoke the most to me. We are the original image, and the way the world perceives us, is the imitation the lake gave off. As the wind blows, or the fish move below the surface, the image changes. A simple rain drop can cause disturbance to the awe-inspiring image, but our soul will stay original and our personality can not be changed by the outside dust and

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