Personal Narrative-Ecstasy In Soccer

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“Whooo!” The crowd goes wild with excitement. We jump for joy as we score another goal. The soccer ball slashes the net with a hard enough kick to go straight through. Lexi and I scream with excitement knowing we just tied the score two to two with only 3 minutes left in the game. I can see the hot, watery sweat dripping down Lexi’s face. Sprinting down and up the field causes Lexi’s face to turn bright red like a tomato. Lexi and I push through the heat and persevere to try and win the final game, but with three minutes left we might not have enough time. As the other team starts with the ball Lexi and I give each other a look and at the top of her lungs Lexi screams ‘GOOO” and sprints down the field rushing to the ball. She kicks it away from the defenders and dribbles it down the field. I’m in the middle of the field watching Lexi on the side dribble her way down. As I pass the other opponents I scream “Lexi, I’m open, pass it.”…show more content…
With 2 minutes left we score another goal, putting us in the lead. My team and I stare at each other with optimism in hope of winning our last game. As time passes Lexi is on the other side of the field, battling the players to take the ball and score. Just because we’re up one doesn’t mean we’re going to win. The opposing team could easily take the ball and crash it in the net. Lexi works furiously to steal the ball away. As she succeeds two defenders approach her. She realizes she can’t take both of them on so she passes it to me, but before the ball reaches my feet a defender comes charging in front of me and the ball and hurdles me to the ground. I fall to the ground in pain and agony. As I sit there on the ground hugging my knee out of discomfort the ref blows the whistle and pauses the game. My coach comes rushing onto the field. He takes me off the field and says “Are you ok, do you need a doctor?” I say “ It hurts, but I don’t think I need a
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