Personal Narrative-Eczema In High School

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Short sleeve polo shirt, shorts and trainers, it was time for Physical Education. A subject that usually children enjoy and get excited about. I don’t get excited at all. The uniform has ruined the subject for me completely. Having arms and legs exposed to the world might be alright for most people, but not me. I stood in the corner of a crowded gym hall - with 59 over enthusiastic and riotous children jumping in all directions - watching the clock. Why did the clock go so fast when I was doing maths or science, which I actually enjoyed, but so slow when in P.E.? The best moment was always when the teacher blew the whistle. That was when I got excited and everyone else was disappointed. The whistle could only mean one thing. The lesson was…show more content…
I am quite an independent and determined person, so I probably thought this would be easy and I would find a solution quickly. It was neither easy nor quick. I started looking at the ingredients in products and how safe they were rated; many were given an 8 or 9 out of 10 for danger. It was shocking and quite worrying learning that. I never knew how many damaging chemicals there are in products that people are buying without realising the dangers. Apparently eczema has become more common over the last few decades; I wouldn’t be surprised if it was linked to the number of toxins and chemicals around us. It has made me look at products in a different way. Now I am both concerned and intrigued to discover what is in something “natural”, not just skin products but makeup and even food as well. Adverts can be deceiving. We are led to believe things are good for us but really the dangers are just brushed over, with the focus on the few natural or good things in a product. I tried many of these “natural” products and after 4 years still hadn’t had any success. My flaming red face was evidence that I was successfully
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