Personal Narrative: Eight Baseball Tickets

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Last fall my aunt had eight baseball tickets and she said to my mom “ I have eight baseball tickets and I wanted to know if Kailei and Ronnie want to go.” Mom said “ I’ll ask.” My dad came and asked me“ Do you want to go to a basketball game?” I said “Yes.” When we went to go get the tickets they where actually baseball tickets, but I didn’t care. Ole Miss vs. Stetson. When we got to the stadium my aunt gave me some money so I asked my dad “Can I go get a drink and some popcorn?” He said “Yes.” When I went to the concession stand I got what what I wanted. I came back the game was about to start. I yelled “Swing” at stetsons players.I asked my dad “ Can I get a ball?” he told me “Go ask for one,” because there was a girl that gets

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