Personal Narrative: El Paso And Ciudad Juarez's Way Of Life

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El Paso and Ciudad Juarez lie side by side, but are separated by the Rio Grande. The border’s way of life relies on the dividing line. As a resident of Ciudad Juarez, I experience a blend of cultures on an everyday basis. However, in 2010 the unique culture of the city was darkened by the shedding violence in Ciudad Juarez. Ciudad Juarez came to be known as the deadliest city in the world. This violence that arouse in the city changed my life completely. The violence changed my daily routine even though my community was not directly affected. As my freedom was eroded, my family and I were forced to adapt to new life styles. Being a teenager, I was not allowed to go out as often, and I was not permitted to roam the streets of my beautiful city…show more content…
In 2011, my uncle was at the wrong place, at the wrong time. He was killed in a shooting between two rival cartels in the city. Two family businesses had to close because their safety was at risk. Business owners had to pay extortion money to the cartel-linked gangs to continue operating. However, the extortion money was too much, and the business would eventually end bankrupt. For countless families, this violence instilled immense fear in their hearts. Fear took over the lives of many people, but I decided that this situation would not stop me from living a normal life. When people asked me why I was still living in such a deadly city, I would simply respond that I loved my hometown. The city was going through a tough period, but it was up to its people to keep the city alive. We had to work as a community to rebuild what had been lost through violence. All in all, the violence changed the lives of many, but today the city is working for its citizens to bring back comfort and peace. The situation seems to be improving, but that does not mean we are not alert. People are returning to the streets at night, and I can leave my home without being afraid. Through this time of turmoil, I learned to appreciate what I have and all those people that care for

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