Personal Narrative-Elie Wiesel's 'Night'

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"All the world 's a stage." I didn 't anticipate 600 feverish eyes staring back at me. Panic arose among my fellow actors, as the hope of escape became grimmer by the second. We had two option: climb or die. Up the set, I go, grabbing a crowbar on the way. As I reached the top, I looked back to find myself to be the last survivor. Before I could think, I felt myself begin to sway from side to side. SNAP! The far wall began to fall from the force of the horde. I knew if I stood there any longer, I would soon join the ranks of the undead. I ran toward the edge of the set and leaped. My fingers met the cold steel of the batten. Reaching my arm out, I grabbed onto the edge of the catwalk and pulled myself to safety. Coming to my senses, I
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