Personal Narrative: Elizabeth A Morton National Wildlife Refuge

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Considering the fact that I have lived on eastern long island all my life, it would be thought that I’ve been to all the wildlife refuges possible. Strangely enough, I have never even heard of the “Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge” right off of Noyack Road. This is an upsetting thing after our hike there, it is one of the best refuges I’ve been to in a very long time. The paths are well marked, the bridges and walk ways are well made also the fact that you can literally have wild birds eat out of your hand is amazing. Although this didn’t happen, I’ve been told not just on the hike but by friends that the squirrels and chipmunks will eat out of your hand as well. How is this even possible? Probably because hunting isn’t allowed…show more content…
Now they can regulate water flow of the pond in case there are weather complications. During the walk to the beach we also encountered a group of turkeys, also well known in this area as well. On the trail and when arriving to the beach there were many information boards about the local animals as well as the area. For example this small peninsula is known as Jessup’s neck with Maritime forests which are somewhat dense forests that were used for weather protection by local settlers since, building materials were limited. Other common areas are Dunes, Salt marsh, rock beaches, sand beaches and of course water. The local wildlife species consist of Osprey, Roseate Tern, Piping Plover, Common Goldeneye, American Redstart, Roseate terns, Least Terns, Common Terns, and Shorebirds as well as Sea Turtles. Population decline has made many beaches actually closed or fenced off during breeding seasons for Piping Plovers because of illegal hunting for their feathers. Many of the common vegetation in this area are Yellow-horned Poppy, Mile-a-Minute and Oriental Bittersweet. All three of these plants were introduced to the local land from different parts of the world, they are not naturally occurring in this part of the world. Speaking of such, phragmites has almost made an appearance in this area blocking

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