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Empty Toilet Paper Roll Clenching my gut, I sprint into the bathroom. It’s small with one stall. I whip open the door quickly locking it behind me. flying onto the toilet, I am relived. But in my haste I realized there was something that I had forgotten. Something that I have always done before while in a public restroom. I had forgotten to check for toilet paper. It was times like this that I would smack the palm of my head to my forehead. But the truth is, forgetting to check for toilet paper, for your keys before you get out of the car, or why you came in the room in the first place. Is nothing compared to forgetting to live life to the fullest. People all over the world forget this every single day. When they go to work, eat dinner,…show more content…
I try to start out every day with a positive attitude, usually I think about the things I am thankful for. For example my health, my family, and that I was born in a country that gives me the opportunity to be whoever I want. A Week ago I had food poisoning. I could not hold anything down. My head pounded from the dehydration and my Abdominals and Throat hurt from, well you know. I remember lying in my bed, with a cramp in my side thinking what I would give to be healthy again. The first thing on the list was to give up eating wet burritos at a sketchy mexican restaurant. The next was to clean my room, because I had been staring at a dangling cobweb on my ceiling fan for about an hour. Lastly I told myself that I would remember what I felt like, and not take being healthy for granted. When sitting watching television on a nice day, instead of out riding my bike. When playing video games in the winter instead of snowboarding with my friends. Instead of walking when I can run. Because, we often forget some kids aren 't so lucky. The kids in hospital beds with IV’s in their arms. The ones with cancer, and the families by their sides. Some would give it all for health and we can not forget

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