Personal Narrative: Enhancing My Roots

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Enhancing My Roots Being Mexican-American has been such a blessing to me. Growing up I would feel embarrassed to have brown skin and to my speak my first language, which is Spanish. I would feel jealous hearing the other kids speak English so well as I struggled more and was placed in English Language Development. I would detest to get pulled out of class and get asked trivial questions like “what is this?” when it was a simple book. Many times I would get asked to identify such easy objects which made me think they believed me, along with the other Latinos, were unintelligent. Throughout my elementary years I remember not taking pride in my roots. Many times I would have to translate information to my parents and it even got to the point…show more content…
Towards the end of elementary a devastating event occurred. It is sad to reveal that my grandpa’s death was what got me into loving my roots. Going to Mexico to bury him, seeing everyone console each other and the traditions after a death made me open my eyes. I realized that the place my parents are from is simply beautiful. Mexico was filled with so much humbleness and love even though our days were gloomy at that time. Being around with all my family who only spoke Spanish I noticed that my Spanish was beginning to be atrocious since I would usually try to not speak it but instead speak English . Starting my sixth grade year, I went to Sequoia where I had no friends to start off the year. Even though it took me a while, I recall that I would listen to more Spanish music and enjoy those family parties that we would attend. I slowly began to love it so much and knowing friends that took pride in their culture helped me a lot in making me feel comfortable with who I was. Seeing my sister have her quince and seeing everyone so happy dancing and just having a good time also made me so excited in having my quinceanera which is a big step in the Mexican
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